voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd.

High Five! Culture


HIGH FIVE FOR SUCCESS, shorten for High Five!, is our Metal Forming Division Culture.High Five! are five Metal Forming Principles as following:


I appreciate others.

The unconditional recognition and acceptance of a person as a whole, regardless of its actions or achievements, combined with respect, kindness, interest and friendliness.



Be the best and know why.

We do the right thing, we do things right and we make the right decision. We are accountable for what we are doing. Excellence is more an attitude, a habit and not just the introduction of tools.


Customer focused:

We provide customer value.

Customer value is the value received by the customer of a product and/or service. Customer value is conceived variously as utility, quality, benefits and customer satisfaction. One key element to create customer value is customer focus. It includes elements of customer service, but as its core, customer focus is about keeping attention to the customers, anticipating their needs and valuing their input.



I support everyone in achieving our common goals.

The way we work, i.e. together in a team, including aspects such as information and communication, teamplay, solution orientation, forward thinking, accountability etc.



I take over responsibility.

We are accountable, which means that we are extraordinarily engaged. We think, act and thus commit ourselves in order to achieve our required results. This means I am willing to accept responsibility or account for one’s action.