voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd.

Logistics Technology

we understand that the rational layout of warehouse as well as material handling equipment is crucial for you and the end-user, as a logistics solution components supplier, we have expertise in roll forming technology and provide customized roll forming profiles in five-continents all over the world.

Profiles for Multi-Shuttle Warehouse Rack
Today, information and data means value, instant throughput means value growth ration; Our customized Rail and Beam profiles shall reach your complex requirements on high efficient revolvement. This dirives not only higher values, but lower costs.

Profiles for High-Efficiency Sorting & Conveyor Equipment
We help the e-commerce platform perform high-efficiently during the rush online shopping festivals. Our products ensure your daily high-efficient, persistent and stable operation. Our exclusive customization profiles help you forge your know-how and always support you one step ahead.

Profiles for High-Bay Warehouse Rack
From densely populated and developed Europe to the hot and humid Gulf of Mexico and South East Asia, our profiles applied as customers required. Our profiles are customized on cross section, holes & hole patterns and piece length, these services shall reach your complex function requirements. Meanwhile, we provide whole-procedure welding seam ensurance and zinc spraying service.