voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd.

Off-Road Vehicle

voestalpine is aware that components used in the construction machinery, forklift and agricluture machinery industries need to meet the highest safety requirements especially when the cab is required to meet ROPS/FOPS requirements. The tubes and sections solutions from voestalpine have been specially designed for this.

We ensure that our ROPS/FOPS tubes meet or exceed the world's highest standards for strength and durability. We provide the highest level of protection, including 100% online eddy current inspection, nondestructive welding verification testing (NDT) and welding destructive testing to ensure product quality consistency.

At voestalpine, we have professional engineering knowledge and can customize parts according to your specific design. And apply roll forming, automatic bending, laser cutting and other technologies to produce high quality components, ensure that the welding seam meet or exceed the highest strength and durability standards.

Based on more than 75 years of experience in the production of cold-formed profiles, voestalpine Profilform China focuses on serving customers in China and southeast Asia. Meanwhile if you need to find a global solution, we can work with other Voestalpine sister company around the world to make it a reality. Your cooperation with voestalpine means you can work with the best manufacturing talents in the world. voestalpine extensive research and development capabilities and sufficient funding enable us to create and develop innovative new products and bring them to market.

1. Ready-to-install complete solutions – including complex welded assemblies.
2. Individual solutions to customer tailor-made tubes and sections-rely on precision-sections optimised in accordance with dimensions, weight and needs.
3. High-strength steels for the highest loads-in collaboration with the steel experts within the voestalpine Group we develop innovative materials and combine these with our perfectly coordinated processing methods to create cost-effective solutions for different areas of application. We guarantee the best lightweight design and crash performance!

Excavator, Loader, Backhoe Loader, Tractor, Harvester, Forklift and etc.