voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd.

Customized Roll Forming

Customized Roll Forming Steel Profile

For more than 70 years, our roll forming expertise as well as state of the art facilities provide customized steel profile and service for our customers; we invest in reserch and development to support our customers so as to drive more value, we know higher efficiency means lower cost, so we continuely improve our process. Those innovation make us always one step ahead.

Roll Forming Technology

Our state of the art facilities together with our specialists integrate roll forming, punching, in-line bending, welding, cutting process in one production line for the highest production efficiency. You choose your profile cross section, hole paterns & shape & size, piece length etc. Strong tooling development capability and owned tooling steel brand (ASSAB) are the constant and stable quality performance basement.

Off-line Process

Roll Bending: automatic flexible roll bending solution from 2D, 3D to full direction and axial twist.

Laser Cutting: state of the art laser cutting device provide you holes in radius and walls on thicker and bigger profiles.

Integration service: in our work station, the profiles are integrated to components which are directly installed with free assembly procedure so as to save plenty of time for our customers.