voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd.

Automotive Safety Tubes

Customized Tubes

voestalpine have three R&D centers globally disctributed in Austria, Germany and Canada.

Our process & product engineers and expert of different fields getting together to work with customer to work out the best solution from technical and economical point.

As the customers, you could benefit from voestalpine of widely professional technologies, lean production from pre-material to finished goods and best solution of customized tubes supported by the expert from different fields.

Technical Capabilities

● Cutting   ● Swaging   ● Bending   ● Axial & lateral extrusion   ● Cold & hot forming   

● Stamping   ● Different process integration   ● Glue   ● Riveting   ● Coating   ● Calibration & Test


● Gas generator tube for Airbag
● Tube for Pre-tensioner Safty Belt
● Bonnet positioner
● Air suspension system components
● Steering system components
● Valve seat components
● Vehicle body and interior components
● Fluid handling & gas guiding components
● Hydraulic components
● Pressure vessel & cylinder for special application
● Chasis components
● Other widespread use for different industiral fields

voestalpine's success comes from network, professional technologies and experienced skills.